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The HyFlex EDM File System - OGSF Sequence

Efficient and Safe


Effortless and Smart

The OGSF files are used in a simple “pecking” motion and once the Orifice is opened, the sequence allows for accurate preparation up to working length to be effortlessly achieved.

HyFlex EDM OGSF sequence consists of:

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Effortless and Smart – A Perfect Taper Match

Take control in your hands

Everyday Endo Challange

Dentists need to make many decisions before undertaking each endodontic treatment.

Endodontics Scheme

Our Solution – Effortless and Smart

The HyFlex EDM OGSF sequence offers you the perfect solution for all your daily cases, without the need for a lengthy decision process. Keeping it simple for you and your patient.

Thomas Kvist, Bjørn Hofmann, Joséphine Brodén and Leo Tjäderhane; Nor Tannlegeforen Tid. 2023; 133: 114-20, Decision making in endodontics at a glance. In the squares, there a conditions or situations where a clinical decision needs to be made. The circles represent uncertainty after a decision and action. Condition in italics represent final outcomes where no further clinical decisions need to be made. The other end-points may require further decision making.


"Whether simple or complex root canal anatomy, almost all clinical cases can be treated with one sequence. The file dimensions (tip size and taper) are perfectly coordinated. I have everything under control, and the success is predictable."
Prof. Dr. Eugenio Pedulla
Prof. Dr. Eugenio Pedullà
University Catania, Italy
"With just a few peckings, I reach the measured working length without any stops in between, so to speak. Previously, a file had to be inserted into the root canal several times. That is no longer necessary here! The OGSF sequence can be applied effortlessly even in difficult cases."
Dr. Rieger
Dr. Thomas Rieger
Endo Specialist, Memmingen, Germany
HyFlex EDM OGSF Sequence

Features and Benefits

COLTENE CanalPro Jeni
Endo Motor

Compatible with CanalPro Jeni

A software update for the CanalPro Jeni endomotor is available for the new HyFlex EDM OGSF sequence.

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HyFlex File Technologies

HyFlex EDM

Outstanding fracture resistance

HyFlex EDM files have a special surface and are characterized by their durability and high fracture resistance which they owe to the innovative “Electric Discharge Machining” manufacturing process.

HyFlex CM

High fracture resistance and pre-bendable

Once manufactured using the EDM process, the HyFlex files are then heat treated with a CM (Controlled Memory) process. This process gives the files the properties to be pre-shaped prior to use, to allow access to the even the most difficult of canals.

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HyFlex Studies

Cyclic fatigue resistance of different nickel-titanium instruments in single and double curvature at room and body temperatures: A laboratory study

Giusy Rita Maria La Rosa DDS, PhD1 | Maria Laura Leotta DDS1 | Francesco Saverio Canova DDS1 | Virginia Rosy Romeo DDS1 | Gabriele Cervino DDS, PhD2 | Luigi Generali DDS3 | Eugenio Pedullà DDS, MSc, PhD1

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A Stereomicroscopic Evaluation of Dentinal Cracks at Different Instrumentation Lengths by Using Different Rotary Files (ProTaper Universal, ProTaper Next, and HyFlex CM): An Ex Vivo Study

Fauzia Ashraf | Pushpa Shankarappa | Abhinav Misra | Asheesh Sawhney | Nandamuri Sridevi | Anu Singh

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Cyclic fatigue resistance of HyFlex EDM, Reciproc Blue, WaveOne Gold, and Twisted File Adaptive rotary files under different temperatures and ambient conditions

Mustafa Gündoğar1 | Taha Özyürek2* | Koray Yılmaz3 | Gülşah Uslu4

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