More than just Training for Dentists

Interview with Paul Frey
VP of Sales & Marketing (North America)
Paul Frey

A new training center in North America

In the 2022 financial year, COLTENE opened a training center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Training programs are vital to the work that dental professionals do. They are also a tremendous asset to dentists, distributors and COLTENE alike. Paul Frey, Vice President of Sales & Marketing (North America), explains why.

Why does COLTENE offer training programs?

Both dentists and other dental professionals use their hands and instruments to carry out dental procedures on patients in very confined spaces – sometimes even with the aid of a microscope. Every move they make must be perfectly attuned, and the end result must be a long-term success. While dentists need to be able to rely on the safety of our products, we need to be able to rely on dentists to use products correctly. Given this mutual dependency, training programs are vitally important. Combined with excellent products, training programs help ensure that patients receive the very best of care and are satisfied with the treatment they have received. Even years later. In addition to this quality assurance, training programs are also an opportunity to demonstrate and establish the entire product range along that particular workflow. And, finally, we offer attendees the chance to exchange thoughts and ideas with colleagues. By doing all of this, we are positioning COLTENE optimally as a valued partner.

How do attendees benefit from communication with colleagues?

Dentists are usually enthusiastic entrepreneurs who very much appreciate the opportunity to share their experiences with other like-minded people. That is exactly what we offer with our training programs, where dentists can come together and share their experiences in a pleasant, educational environment. When they leave our training center, they take with them not just newfound expertise but also new contacts and ideas. This helps them to optimize their practice.

How has the pandemic affected on-site training?

The pandemic quickly taught us that we need to be agile and do things differently. Some things are here to stay. Nowadays, many training courses can also be held as online or hybrid events, for example. Many customers make use of this option, especially when they are short on time. COLTENE, in turn, benefits from online training programs, as they make it possible to reach a much wider audience in geographical terms. They also give COLTENE the chance to connect with customers more often.